Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This masterpiece was born out of a combination of necessity and my intense craving for Nino's.

Stromboli, or pizza in general, is a great way to use up stuff that's hanging around in your fridge.  I had onions, mushrooms, spinach, garlic, raw and roasted red peppers and a jar of putanesca calling my name.  This beauty here is the result.

When making stromboli or calzones there are some basics you need to remember to get the finished product to come out the way it should.  First, the less sauce the better.  Everything steams while it bakes and creates it's own moisture so the more sauce you add the soggier the end result is going to be and that is just nasty.  Secondly, always keep away from the edges.  You want to put the filling just off center and then pull the dough over the filling and press the air out.  Seal the dough by pressing the top layer into the bottom layer, then crimp the longer ends over the part you just sealed.  Pretty, huh?  A few slits on top will prevent explosions which is good cause nobody likes those.

Make sure your oven is preheated to 500 degrees or as high as your oven will go.  If you are using a baking stone, preheat that for at least a half an hour.  If using a pan, set it in the oven when you turn it on and let it preheat as your oven does.  Then just remove the hot pan and slide your stromboli on to it with a sheet of parchment.  Easy as that.

Bake that shit! 15 minutes.

And there it is.

I should charge you for looking at this.

Because it's just that good.


Pizza Dough:
3 1/2 Cups Flour
1 teaspoon Sugar
2 teaspoons Salt
1 packet of Active Dry Yeast
1 Cup Lukewarm Water

Mix all of these together and stir until it forms a shaggy dough.  Knead for ten minutes and rise in a warm place for one hour.  Punch down and let it rest until you're ready to use it.

1 1/2 Onion, sliced
6 Mushrooms, chopped
3 Cups of Spinach
1 Red Pepper, Sliced
3 Roasted Red Peppers, Diced
3 Garlic Cloves, diced
1 Tomato, diced
1 lb Hamburger
Putanesca Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Garlic Powder, Seasoned Salt, Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes

Caramelize the onions in a mixture of butter and oil.  Sprinkle with a little salt and sugar.  Add in the mushrooms and continue to caramelize.  Add in the raw and roasted peppers, cook.  Add garlic and tomato.  Add in fresh spinach and let it steam on top for about two minutes then stir together.  Put vegetables in a bowl and set aside.
Add some olive oil to the same pan and add in the hamburger.  Cook over high heat until its caramelized and the fat is cooked out.  Season with garlic powder, seasoned salt, black pepper and pepper flakes.  Set aside.

Put your dough on a piece of parchment and roll out into a rough rectangle about the same size as the parchment sheet.  Put a small amount of sauce just off center, then add the fillings as you would like.  Fold the empty side of the dough over the filling and press down to get any air out.  Seal the edges into the other side of the dough and then crimp the excess over that.  Put three small slits on top. Brush with olive oil.

Transfer the stromboli on the parchment onto the preheated pan.   Bake for 15 minutes or until evenly browned.
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The Procrastobaker said...

That last have just utterly won me over :) the filling in this little beauty sounds so so delicious, ive never made a stromboli but am suurree tempted to now! Really happy to have found your blog, i love your style! :)

Jenna said...

Thanks so much! It really is much easier than it seems, and the possibilities are endless as far as what you put it in goes. Thanks for checking me out, means a lot to me!

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