Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bad Pictures, Great Pie - Coconut Custard with Sugar Cookie Crust

A combination of night baking and terrible weather have made the pictures less than desirable, but this pie has high self esteem and thinks it's pretty anyway.
I think you're pretty too pie, even if you are a little yellow.

Any Reading natives should know (and I'm sorry for you if you don't) about Spring Glen Farms at the Reading Farmers Market.  They used to make the BEST coconut and egg custards and would sell them in these great little single serving cups.  You can imagine my disappointment when I ran in there like my ass was on fire wanting a coconut custard and they told me they were discontinued. I made up for it though with roasted sweet potatoes. Next to stealing pennies from freezers, getting stuff from the Egg guy and doing three laps for free samples, the custards were the highlight of the trip.  Those and the sweet potatoes.  And cheese weeners. And those cupcakes my brother liked. Anyway...

This pie tastes exactly like those.  It's a little trip down memory lane and it was ridiculously easy to throw together.  Leftover cookie dough, a couple eggs, some butter, coconut, whats left of the milk and a spoonful of cornstarch gets you happiness in a pie plate.  This is good right out of the oven or room temp, but nothing beats it ice cold.  You will lose the creamy texture of the custard a bit, but that's a small price to pay in my opinion.

I made slight adaptations to the original recipe.  It calls for sweetened coconut and I used unsweetened.  I'm glad I did because this pie is perfectly sweet, and in my opinion using sweetened coconut will make it sickening.  If you choose to use sweetened, do yourself a favor and reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup or possibly even less.  I also used cornstarch in place of flour as that will not only thicken the custard better because I used skim milk, but it also cooks fully at the lower temperature and ensures that there will be no lumps in the custard.  Enjoy the pie.

Sugar Cookie Dough

1 Cup Butter (225 grams), room temperature
1 Cup Sugar
1 Egg
1 teaspoon Almond Extract (or Vanilla if you prefer)
2 teaspoons Baking Powder
3 Cups Flour
1 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice (optional)
Preheat oven to 350F/175C

Cream butter and sugar.  Add egg, almond extract.  Blend well.  Combine flour, baking powder, pumpkin pie spice.  Add to sugar mixture 1 cup at a time, mixing well between each addition.  Divide dough in half and refrigerate for one hour. 

Take one half of the dough and roll it out so it fits a 9 inch pie dish with excess, about 1/8 inch thick.  Form it into your pie dish, gently pressing it down.  Cut excess around the edges and crimp or press.  Bake 5 minutes and set aside.

French Coconut Pie recipe adapted from Paula Deen

4 Tablespoons Butter, melted
2 Eggs, beaten
1 T Cornstarch
3/4 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Coconut, plus more for top
1 1/2 Cup Milk

Melt butter, add to milk and combine very well with whisk or immersion blender.  Add cornstarch and blend very well.  Add beaten eggs and blend very well. Add sugar and coconut, blend.  Pour into pie crust and top with additional coconut and a sprinkling of sugar.

Bake at 350F/175C for 35 minutes.  Reduce heat to 325F/160C and bake an additional 15 minutes.  Cool 15 minutes to 1 hour before serving, your preference.
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Antonia said...

sounds tasty...I'll have to try it someday...

Svein said...

Yes, that pie was pure awesomeness :) I want to order another one asap.

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