Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bellamy's Blueberry Jam

A couple weeks ago Bellamy came home from her friends house with a little bowl of jam she had made all by herself. It was super yummy and I ate it all.  Today Bellamy and I went out to the hill and picked berries and got attacked by ants after 5 minutes.  We managed to get enough to make a tiny bowl.  Here is how she does it.

First, put your clean berries in a bowl and crush

With a cup? No...

Spoon?  Hmm...maybe.

There we go, use them hands.

Gloves are your friend here.

Squish until they look like this.

Add a teaspoon of sugar.

A little squeeze of lemon.  Mix it on up.

And you have jam! And it's yummy!

Good job Boo :)

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mama said...

It looks yummy....dip your finger again Boo..this time let Mom-Mom taste it!<3

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