Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Year Older...Not Sure About Wiser

I'm I don't believe it.  I'm gonna say I'm twenty-four until I look twenty-seven and then I will say I'm twenty-seven because I'll actually be thirty-five.  I'll repeat this until I'm fifty.  

My birthday this year had its ups and downs, but overall it was a good day.  I had a good time with good friends and a very lovely cake with yummy ice cream all made by myself.  That was probably the best part of my day, being able to share everything with my friends.  A big thanks goes out to Jan, Nina, Andreas, Remi, Are and Bjørn for spending my day with me.

And now..the cake.  A vanilla and chocolate two layered checkerboard cake covered in vanilla Italian meringue butter cream.  I also made chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry with white chocolate, and coconut with dark chocolate ice creams.  What is cake without it?

I am very proud of my little birthday cake.  It was an absolute labor of love and hate.  I cursed at it. I broke it..twice. I changed my game plan multiple times to make up for mistakes. I went over and over and over recipes and changed my mind about thirty times.  I stressed over which icing I was going to use and in general fashion chose one I had never attempted.  I'd like to think most people would have thrown in the towel and grabbed a box mix after all of the mess I went though, but screw that.   My goal was a vertical layered cake.  My goal was a multi flavored, rose covered beautiful cake.  It didn't turn out to the picture I had in my mind, but it could not have possibly been any better for all the trouble it was.  I very much love my little cake.  Everyone else did too, and that is all that matters to me.


 Jan and Andreas...back away heathens!

Happy Birthday to Me 

You do not see date stamps in those pictures.  They are a figment of your imagination.  Okay fine you do, I forgot to turn it off and I am too lazy to Photoshop them out.  You're gonna have to deal.  Don't hate me.


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Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday!

Mama said...

It was your birthday 20.08.2011 celebrates you!!
What a beautiful cake....just like you!

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