Monday, August 22, 2011

Foodie Crafts With Bellamy

Bellamy wanted to do something fun before bed, so we decided to paint marshmallows!

Just mix milk and a little food coloring.  Use paintbrushes or Q-Tips and you're good to go!


When you're all done painting you can eat them!  
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Antonia said...

Didn't your momma ever tell you not to play with food ;o) totally kidding, I *LOVE* this!!

TheDuerrFam said...

Pure genius! I know what we're doing tomorrow...

Terri said...

And what's even better? You can still eat them! YUMMY!!!! :)

Mama said...

You are so awesome...I'm jealous I never thought of that when you kids were young! I know Boo was having a good time....where are yours? :)

Love her PJ's too!

Jenna said...

Mine is the little green haired dude :)

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