Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Passion and the Lack Thereof

You know, sometimes you just have to admit that you don't have it in you.  I really loved working on this blog and being out in the food community, but so much has changed.  I still have all the passion for food, just not for putting in the drive and energy it takes to share it.  I have made so many wonderful things over the course of time since my last post, and I have blogged absolutely none of them.

I haven't been the happiest of people and I have gone through a lot of changes lately.  My goal is to pick this back up and dust it off after my life settles down and I gain a little peace.  I would like to share more dinner and 'normal' food recipes, as well as my own interests.  I still love cakes, don't worry bout that.  So since my hiatus has turned into a stratospheratus, I can only say that I will return to this eventually.  For now, I will hang out like sad cat.

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Jackie said...

I hope you feel better and get back to being Happy!

Anonymous said...

Gooooo Happy! You can doooo eeeettt!

Jamie Morton said...

Love your blog and I'll miss it. But it's more important to be happy. Go there and grab the happiness. Don't be depressed like this cat. It's not good for your health. Just do more of what makes you happy. And be with the people you love. :)
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jhon said...

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