Welcome to Shove It In Your Face!  Many people have asked my why I decided to call my site that, so I'll tell you.  Any time my daughter asks me things like 'Mom, what is this?' with a semi disgusted look on her face my response is always 'Don't worry about it, just shove it in your face'. And when she herself asked why I called my site that, I asked her, 'Well, what do you do with your food?' and she replied 'Oh, I shove it in my face'. So there you have it.  Moving on!

I'm Jenna, the main contributor to this little endeavor.  I'm an American living in Norway doing my best to stay sane without Tastykakes and Diet Peach Snapple.  I started Shove It In Your Face as a way to share my yummy foods with friends and family, never intending to put very much effort into it.  I stuck with it though, and a year later it's really coming along.   It's still a baby, but if I have it my way it will be a pretty happening place.

I've always loved food, I can't remember a time it hasn't been one of my favorite things in life.  I started cooking on my own when I was about fourteen and I've never looked back. Breads, cakes and desserts have always been my true love, and I devote a lot of time and effort into making what I create the best it can be.  I am by no means a perfectionist, I've eaten many an ugly pie, but I do strive to do better the next time.  Food is love for me, it's my passion and I find inspiration for it in everything I do.  As much as I love to make beautiful food, there is nothing I love more than sharing it with my friends, family and all of you.  Enough about me though, it's time for you to meet my little helper.  You've seen her little chipmunk cheeks and chubby fingers all over the place here, so without further ado I present....

Bellamy!  She may only be 8, but she knows a thing or two about cooking already and loves to help me in the kitchen.  Actually, I should say she loves to help me in the kitchen as long as cartoons aren't on or her friends don't come knocking.  Then she just sticks her fingers in the batter, drops an egg or two on the floor and runs away.  Damn kids. She's a great bowl licker though and hopefully one day I'll make a chef out of her and she can cook me dinner for a change.  You'll see simple recipes featuring her from time to time, and hopefully you will make those with your kids as well.  It's never too early to get them cooking!

So that's us and what we do.  Hopefully you'll take a good look around and drop a comment or three.  We love to read them and hear what you think.  Thanks for stopping by!

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